Partnership is
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About us

Capital Gearing Trust was admitted to the London Stock Exchange in 1973 and has been managed by Peter Spiller since 1982. Since Peter’s appointment the Company has enjoyed amongst the strongest and most consistent performance of any investment trust. Alastair Laing joined as co-manager in 2011 and Chris Clothier in 2015, and they manage the Company together with Peter.

Capital Gearing Trust holds a broad portfolio of assets with the objective of preserving and over time growing our shareholders’ assets.

The Company

Capital Gearing Trust in a nutshell

The Manager

Background to CGAM, the investment manager

Our History

A brief history of the company

Discount Management

CGT’s approach to protecting Shareholders

Asset Allocation

CGAM’s approach to portfolio construction

Long Run Returns

The past is not a guide to the future!


An animation on the first 40 years of Capital Gearing Trust

What is the most important character trait in an investor?

Exploring the most common of investing mistakes

More about the Company

ESG and Policies
How to invest

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