Capital Gearing
Portfolio Fund

Investment Objective

Capital Gearing Portfolio Fund (Hard Closed)

To achieve absolute returns through active asset allocation across equities, bonds and commodities. Equity investments are made in quoted closed ended trusts and other collective investment vehicles.

The Fund went ex-dividend on 01/11/2021 and will pay a dividend distribution of £395.75 per P share and £1.92 per V share on 30/11/2021.

First Quarter

March 2024



  • ISIN: GB0001738615
  • Market Cap: £1 bn
  • Dividend Yield: <2.0 %
  • Management Fee: 0.60% on net assets < £120m 0.45% on net assets > £120m 0.30% on net assets > £500m
  • Ongoing Charge Figure: 0.47%
  • OCF (PRIIPS): 0.70%
  • Comparator Index: CPI
  • Company Secretary: Juniper Partners
  • Registrar: Computershare Investor Services
  • Custodian: Northern Trust

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CG Absolute Return Fund
Real Return Fund
Capital Gearing Trust

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